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big storms hits the bay area.. r >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. power lines and trees come crashing down as the first of three big storms hit the bay area. this is just an appetizer. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. wife you covered in the field and inwe have you covered in the field and in the storm center. lawrence karnow is in the weather center. >> a wild storm outside. we have cells located east and sliding on through. so if you get caught in one of
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these it's coming down heavily as it slides through. into the bay strong storms in that direction. more scattered showers continuing in the direction in the south. we are not done with it yet. pockets of rain continuing to move on through right now in along the plains toward the santa cruz mountains. we have some showers there some heading towards redwood city. it could be picking up later on. a lot more rain to come. we may catch a break a stronger storm is expected headed into inside the and sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up. strong winds have brought down power lines in pacifica. cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: it's quite a mess
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in this town. but the wind is causing the damage for most people in the area. businesses had to shut down. this is video we shot earlier because of rain and wind a power outage was caused. crews tried restore electricity in the area in the middle of strong winds. coastal towns got the brunt of the storm gusts up to 65 miles an hour in some location making pacifica first in the line of fire. >> hello? >> the first guys to get the wind right off the ocean so usually it's more gusty than over the hill or in san francisco. we are in the front line as far as that's concerned. >> reporter: and it's not over yes. the wet weather will hit the coast throughout the weekend. people know the drill. coming up later in the show we'll hear from pg&e crews and
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why they think these power outages happen and how long did they expect to stay in the area. back to you. >> thank you. today's storm knocked down a large tree in saratoga. the 28-foot tree blocked the part of thelma avenue near saratoga sunnyvale avenue. it also took out power lines. crews were called in to take care of those power lines and clear the tree out of the roadway. >> and folks in daly city are keeping a close eye on that hillside that came down during that big water main break earlier this month. crews have covered the exposed ground with mesh and hay to keep it from sliding again during the storm. city officials say they have already spent nearly a half million dollars just trying to replace the soil and the vegetation on that hill. the storm means some massive delays at sfo. >> roberta gonzales is at the airport for us now with more. how long are we talking? >> reporter: right now the rain has stopped. we have a little reprieve but winds have been problematic
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gusting up to 37 miles an hour. behind me is an empty runway. this is something that you should not be seeing at this time of the day. it should be filled with arriving and departure flights. right now we have one cancellation of an international plane but we have so many cancellations of arriving flights for monterey, from orange county, from santa barbara. and earlier today we had over 4 hour delays on arriving flights. i just went inside the terminal and took another look. it looks like we are still seeing delays up to 2 hours and 24 minutes on arriving flights. what the duty manager says is that even if we begin to pick up some of these rates of departing flights we'll still have problems now on arrivals because it takes a while to get these planes turned around after such a huge delay. so word of advice, if you are coming to sfo, it's advisable to call ahead because this is going to only get worse as the afternoon progresses. i did take a look at oakland international airport as well
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as mineta international airport in san jose. they are okay. they're on time. we're seeing a little bit of a lining here. edgar, if we can take a look around, we are starting to see some blue skies here at sfo. it's behind me a little bit as that ceiling is beginning to rise. but as lawrence has been talking about all morning and all afternoon, it's the wind that's causing the big problem here at sfo. again, these winds up to 40 miles per hour. so reporting from sfo, roberta gonzales with mobile weather. >> thank you. as lawrence predicted, the rain started coming down just in time for the morning commute. the wipers were on for drivers up in the north bay. they got the wet roads first in san anselmo. and this is what the ride across the bay bridge felt like this morning. this is always one of the bay area's toughest commutes. you add a little weather, water and things get tricky. all in all though not too bad for drivers along the upper deck. now, much more on the stormy weather coming up including the timing on the next round of rain. and this reminder you can use
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our live high-def doppler radar on our website to zero into your neighborhood at a fire ripped through a south bay camper today. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose with the good man is who saved the women inside. >> reporter: frightening moments for the two women inside this camper when it caught on fire. but thanks to that good samaritan, they made tout alive. here's some video taken by a cbs 5 viewer who saw this happen. this camper is parked on santiago avenue near tully road. now here's some video of the good samaritan. he is an employee with the evergreen school district who didn't want to be interviewed. he was driving through the area making rounds because there is a school across the street and he saw flames and heard screaming. that man got out of his car, broke the windows to the camper and forced open the door. he also tried to extinguish the flames himself using a garden
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hose. two women inside got out safely although one did suffer burns to her hands. the other smoke inhalation. they had been lighting candles to stay warm when they fell asleep. >> it's just one of those things during the holidays and around cold time that we burn candles and have heaters on. we have to be aware of them and only have them on when we're able to tend to them. >> a. >> reporter: put puppy was rescued. firefighters heard it barking when they arrived. the camper is destroyed. the women in the hospital. they had been homeless until somebody offered them this rv. firefighters say that this was their lucky day and that good samaritan saved their lives. he was not injured during the ordeal. in san jose, elissa harrington, cbs 5. firefighters are investigating a suspicious fire inside alameda high school earlier this morning. the call came in around 3:30 this morning. the fire was contained to one classroom and investigators are
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still trying to determine the cause of the fire. on the bay area watch the teen accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose will be tried as an adult. 15-year-old adonis muldrow will be arraigned in court this afternoon facing eight felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a peace offer. he and another man are accused of robbing businesses and kill rory parkpettiford after of a carjacking. the city of oakland, according to the "san francisco chronicle," there is a burglary in the city once every 43 minutes and is facing a rise in homicide this year and there are 200 fewer officers on duty now than four years ago. still ahead, an airport security breach caught on camera. >> where a traveler videoed this illegal exchange of baggage. >> and a scary warning from doctors about a very popular
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breakfast beverage. the drink that could cause sudden death if mixed with the wrong medicine. >> storm system winding down at least number one. the others still winding up and these are going to be bigger on the way. we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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serious security breach at an serious security breach at an airport in atlanta.. a man sitt ting lot at take a look at this. the faa is investigating a serious security breach at an airport in atlanta. a man sitting in the waiting lot at hartsfield-jackson international airport captured this with his cell phone. a woman tosses a bag over a fence to an airport worker. the bag is stuck and the worker climbs up to get it and it unfolded a few feet from the runway. delta and airport officials say they are now investigating.
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and airport authorities think they have a plan to keep things moving along at sfo when there's bad weather, a lot of fog. when the skies are clearer, planes at sfo often land two at a time on parallel runways but when visibility is poor, it's just one plane at a time while the other planes are in holding patterns. sfo authorities say this will all change next summer. >> it will allow aircraft not side by side but staggered from one another to come in using both runways. with this change, we'll be able to arrive anywhere from 35 to 37 per hour. so it will definitely make an improvement. >> number of delayed flights at sfo is up about 10% in the last decade. the number of cancelled flights has doubled and today is probably not a good day to talk about it. >> stormy weather and winds around the bay area. half moon bay this morning, gust over 50 miles per hour. so yeah, the first storm looks like it's beginning to wind
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down. still, there's some pockets of heavy amounts of rainfall outside. let's get new for a closer look now on our high-def doppler radar. indeed, we are seeing the rain coming down. moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall in toward the pleasanton area and also into livermore. we are going to continue to see that rain in pockets throughout the afternoon as we take new for a close look. you will see more of this on and off in the afternoon. but becoming more widespread. you will see sunny breaks in between the clouds as we head toward the afternoon. but san jose, yeah, could you still be looking at a few more showers there as we head in toward the afternoon. cloudy skies tonight still a chance of showers overnight. but then storm number 2 arrives late in the day tomorrow. that looks to be a real good soaker. a little different than this last storm system. still, it's not bad. over 1.5" of rainfall in petaluma. third inch in san francisco. lesser further south. now the storm door is open. the first opened the door this
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morning. this one on the back side will intensify tonight and overnight and another storm developing saturday night into sunday. that could be the storm that causes flooding in the bay area. a series of storms now lining up in the pacific as the jet stream is well to the south. let's time it out. this storm system moving on through with our futurecast going to head out of town for the afternoon so not too bad the commute driving home not too bad just a chance of scattered showers. but then late in the day on thursday, you will notice this next storm system lining up alittle bit differently. this last one came in parallel to the coastline this one perpendicular and it's going to be a slow mover. so it's going to be a train of moisture moving slowly through the bay area so rainfall totals will be impressive toward the next 24 to 36 hours. here you go. we are going to wind things through on the future forecas model. 3.5" in santa rosa, 3" san rafael, ukaih almost 6" of rage. this is a combination between this storm and the next storm.
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there is a stronger one to come towards saturday and sunday. tomorrow we wind up again with a chance of some rainfall developing late in the day. and then friday expect the stormy day with isolated thunderstorms, showers on saturday. more rain expected into sunday. can't forget the snow report is running lots of snow for the sierra nevada. another one to three inches but boy, tough getting up there today. so might want to stay tuned right here to channel 5. we have some storms that are lining up so be careful heading to the high country. over this weekend, we could see a couple of feet of snow maybe more than thats across the high sierra nevada. so yeah, we have big storms lining up. i think the next one will be a real soaker. >> snow could be good for skiers and borders. >> the base are a little high but the snow will be coming down. >> look what we have right there speaking of snow. it's come down in the sierra. >> how about that. >> boy, look at that wind, though.
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>> it's not going to be great conditions but they are getting the snow. they need that. >> yes. >> thank you. right now, pg&e is working on restoring power to hundreds of folks in pacifica where a lot of shopkeepers simply closed up. >> let's check back in with cate caugiran. when do crews think they will have the power back on. >> reporter: well, hopefully sometime soon, frank and michelle. the wind is consistent. you can see it's still kind wrestling around in the trees here. we are experiencing a little bit of a lull but i'll have to tell you when we were down closer to the coast, the wind was definitely even rattling our news van. we could feel it swaying back and forth and yes, pg&e crews are working and trying to do their best efforting to get power back in the area. yesterday they did their best trying to trim trees clear debris but if we know anything, mother nature is unpredictable and here in pacifica, pg&e, they actually did block off roads and areas to take care of mother nature's aftermath. we were told there are about 3
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outages that affected hundreds of customers. and we saw that some businesses actually closed up shop. they said we'll be back at noon if the power is back. but again, i looked on the website, it is not completely back at the moment. as for the outage at the intersection of carmel and palmetto in pacifica, pg&e in fact told us that mother nature was to blame that power poles snapped. they didn't fall but snapped but they are trying to restore power in the area. i checked with the website, still more than a dozen people are without power. the timeline for them to restore it is around 1:00. so we are hoping again in the next half hour power will be completely restored here in pacifica. but again, with this wet weather continuing, pg&e crews also told us that they are anticipating more outages and so are residents too. they say that sort of just comes with the territory of living on a coastal town. we are live in pacifica.
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back to you. >> thank you. sounds like crews will be busy. up next, be careful taking your meds with grapefruit. the potentially fatal combination coming up. >> and a record prize has people swarming to pick up powerball tickets across the country. but if you know the right people, you could get one for free. we'll tell you how. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪♪ you can help othersnk along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪
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♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ don't know they have it. the c-d-c says in 2010 there we
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in today's healthwatch, a shocking new report finds 60% of you can people with hiv don't know they have it. the cdc says in 2010, there were about 12,000 new hiv infections among people ages 13 to 24. gay, bisexual men and african- americans are affected most. don't take medicine with grapefruit. doctors warn a growing number of prescription drugs may have fatal interactions with the fruit. authors say there are more than 85 known drugs that have the potential for serious side effects including sudden death. doctors say taking just one tablet of these medications with the glass of juice can be the same as taking 20, turning therapeutic doses into toxic ones. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> he stunned the tv world when he called for viewers to stop watching his top rated tv show "two and a half men" and this
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morning, little mea culpa for actor angus jones. he says, i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference and disrespect to my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which i have been blessed. i never intended that." >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tony tantillo our fresh grocer in today with everything you need to know about asparagus. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is
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with asparagus. i do many tips on asparagus because they come from different growing regions all over the world that we get. right now they are imported in and they are coming in on the thick side. and that's when i like these asparagus. green from top to bottom, very important free from shredding and any shriveling whatsoever. shredding means any cracking. check the tips where the decay starts. light purple color and no browning whatsoever. of course, squeeze it. when it's squeaky, they're fresh. they come from thousands of miles away so they are already a week old so buy them and enjoy them within one or two days. when they are big, i cut the bottom off a quarter inch and broil them olive oil salt and pepper for a few minutes, rotate them a little bit and that's it. delicious anytime of the year.
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i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. squeeze them! [ laughter ] >> so true. asparagus is good. it is a flame retardant chemical so toxic, it is banned from children's clothing. how it's now found its way into many california homes exposing everyone who lives inside. that story and more at 5:00. $550 million over a half billion dollars that's the new powerball jackpot. lottery officials say it's still growing. tonight millions of americans in 42 states trying to parlay two bucks into half a billion. california sadly isn't one of them. i don't know why. indiana's hoosiers lottery is giving away 3500 tickets statewide. unfortunately, powerball players have a greater chance of being bitten by a shark than winning the cash haul. i bought a few. >> i bought my tickets yesterday. >> yes. >> there's only one problem. can't buy them in california. >> the wrong tickets. >> i didn't realize that. >> you didn't know that until this morning. >> maybe he'll win 2 million.
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>> good luck. >> that's it for cbs 5 news at noon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> katie: did you decide to wake up for your daddy? he'll be home soon, i bet. (sighs) oh. taylor, i-i just--

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